AV Villas

UX design / UI design / User testing 

AV Villas is one of the five banks of the economic group Grupo AVAL in Colombia. Today is the most active bank with non-conventional channels such as mobile bank, virtual offices, and internet, so they required to improve their e-bank service and improve their presence on Internet. This project was carried out together with web consultancy team of The Cocktail in Colombia.

01 / Challenges

  • Understand how the webiste will help the company to meet their business goals 
  • Understand who was the target audience of their products, and to know its needs and goals
  • Users should buy and hire products and services easy, quick and save through e-banking service
  • Increase the number of acquisitions of products and services through e-banking service
  • Understanding the growth of mobile users, it was needed a create a site that was able to see in different devices, from smallest to higher resolutions, from mobile to desktop devices

02 / Insights

After the first phase of interviews with managers and clients of the bank, we found out the following:

  • The bank had launched almost five different versions at least the last two years. In each new version the changes were more aestethics than functional or strategic changes
  • One of the biggest issues was the most of the bank clients felt confused or non-confident with the information provided for the site.  Some clients commented the bank had used very technical information in their site. This issue was more notorius especially in the users who were not familiarized with financial terminology
  • It was needed to figure out how clients were searching banking products and services in Colombia
  • It was needed to create a consolidated experience across all digital channels, considering the high number of users who use mobile devices.

03 / Process

Desktop wireframes

Final screens

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