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UX design / UI design / User testing / User research is a company specialized in insurances and financial product acquirement in Colombia. Nowadays it is one of the companies with the highest growth and recognition rate in the insurance sector in the country. They have increased their invoicing almost 300% since 2015.

01 / Challenges

In the beginning, the company worked with other brokers in Colombia. Their goal by then, was to help brokers generate leads and prospects from their website. However, after a couple of years, the company emerged as an independent company. This determined new challenges such as:

  • Acquire new customers and increase loyalty of current ones
  • Increase leads and conversions numbers
  • Position itself as a one of the most recognized companies in the insurance sector in Colombia
  • Better understand their target audience in terms of who they were and to know their customers behaviours, needs and motivations
  • Increase the trust of people in buying or hiring products on the internet in Colombia. In 2011, people in Colombia had more confidence in acquiring financial products at the insurance companies branch offices than in any other non-traditional channel. 

02 / Process

  • We always based our work on research, the marketing team brought out data and statistics and part of my role was to understand that data and translate it into visual interfaces.
  • I worked side-by-side with all developers planning and sketching the components, functionalities, and interactions of the site. Right after, I designed those components following our visual guidelines, and when the team agreed with the proposals we launched them online.
  • When we had to design components or functionalities in which users needed to take very important decisions, we created two or three versions of those components. We tested them for a while (15-30 days approx.) and when we had enough data on how users behave, we analized the outcomes of the tests and made changes or even created new ones to test again.

A/B Testing

A/B Testing was a very helpful alternative to understand the customers' preferences. Sometimes we launched three different versions competing at the same time. The outcomes helped us to decide what way to follow.

User Interface rules

One of my roles was to design all style guidelines for components we created. We shared them with all designers and developers especially when they needed to design new components.


Icons and Illustrations

In the beginning I worked on the imagery according the company branding.  I created icons and illustrations for the site and other applications of the company


Stationary applications

I also designed several stationary applications for the company such as commercial teasers and presentations for capital ventures and potential stakeholders.


03 / Results

  • Comparamejor is today one of the most well-known and successful fintech startups in Colombia
  • The team has grown almost 300% and have created new roles
  • In 2015 Comparamejor won the e-commerce award in the category of financial services and online banking

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