Usability testing

Usability testing is one of the most reliable ways to validate how effective, profitable and usable are our products and services. Usability testing helps to identify problems, uncover opportunities, and learn about the users’ behaviours and preferences.

When I was part of the team of The Cocktail in Colombia, we carried out several usability tests along with the Analysis team in Mexico. All sessions were recorded to work afterwards with the team and establish the most appropriate strategy that would allow us to meet the business requirements of our clients.

These are some screenshots of an usability testing for the BBVA Credit app.


Some companies want to test the efficiency of their functionalities and components and get feedback from their customers quickly. A smaller-scale alternative to usability testing is A/B testing. When I was part of the team of for instance, we carried out many tests using A/B testing along with the marketing team. Those tests gave us a quantitative understanding about what options the customers preferred. A/B testing was very helpful to make quick, both strategic and technical, decisions with the team. Afterwards, we arranged some interviews with some representative customers to understand the reasons behind their preferences. 

The images below show three different versions of the same form that we ran at the same time to measure which performed the best.

CM quote form opt 1
CM quote form opt 2
CM quote form opt 3

When it is possible to do usability testing, it is essential to make a plan that describes how the test will be carried out, who the participants are, what tasks will be performed in each session and the what resources, both technical and human, are necessary. At Clavister, one of the main reasons to run an usability test was to know how the most representative users complete their daily tasks using the company's products. For me, it was a very interesting challenge because I would run an usability testing of a product with a high level of complexity.

Test planning

The image below shows how the test planning would be carried out along with some researchers at the Karlstad University in Sweden. They would help us recruit more participants, make some interviews and gather their observations during the sessions. At the end, we would draw some conclusions comparing our results and findings.


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