Ahlsell serves other companies in the construction, installation, infrastructure, and industrial sectors. The company offers a wide range of products through its website and mobile application. 

What I did in this project

As a UX consultant for Cygni, I collaborated with the design, strategy, and development teams. For this project, I was responsible for:

  • Collaborate with the User Research team, creating interactive prototypes to be tested with representative customers in Sweden and Norway
  • Collaborating with design and development teams to set up guidelines for the organization's design system
  • Creating rapid prototypes and design assets for design workshops with product owners and stakeholders
  • Design strategy and UI design for the website and the company app  

Collaboration with
User Research

Alongside the User Research team, I created functional prototypes for the usability testing sessions. These sessions were performed with Ahlsell customers from Sweden and Norway. 


In this example, we tested some navigation alternatives and asked users to find articles using the proposed navigation.

The User Research team gathered feedback to further iterations.

This is the navigation for the Swedish website.

The company uses "variants" to refer to the same type of products but with different attributes (size, color, height, weight, etc.) Although this concept has been used since the company started, it still poses some challenges.

The concept of "variants" is very popular with company customers nowadays, and removing or drastically changing this concept could be very disruptive. For this reason, the user research team, stakeholders, and I worked together to assess and validate some alternatives that not only benefit customers but also enable the organization to develop more scalable solutions in the long term.

We designed functionalities that give users a holistic experience but always keep in mind each device's design patterns, behaviors, and technical requirements.

This video shows functions such as "add to favorites" and "add to lists" for the mobile version, specifically for the company app. 

Design System  / Iconography

I also collaborated on the maintenance and development of the company's design system. Along with other developers, we planned the structure and the integration of the elements and components on Figma to improve the workflow between designers and developers.

In addition, I collaborated on other design tasks, such as setting guidelines for the company icons to be applied to the main categories and sections of both the webshop and the app.


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