The Cocktail

The Cocktail is a digital innovation and design consultancy based in Madrid, Spain. The company specializes in providing strategic consulting, user experience design, and digital transformation services to businesses and organizations. They work with clients to create digital solutions that enhance user engagement, improve business processes, and drive innovation.

What I did in the company

As a UX consultant, I was involved in various stages of the design process. My responsibilities included the following:

  • Supporting user research and conducting interviews with key users and clients to better understand their needs and behaviors
  • Conducting Heurist evaluations and Expert usability evaluations
  • Ensuring that our proposals were responsive and adaptable to different screen sizes and devices.
  • Assisting development teams during the implementation phase.
  • Make functional prototypes that will be used in usability testing sessions.
Banco AV Villas   
This is one of the projects I worked on with the Cocktail, so it offers you a notion of the duties I completed for this and other projects.
This is one of the projects I worked on with the Cocktail, so it offers you a notion of the duties I completed for this and other projects.

AV Villas is one of the banks of the financial group Grupo AVAL in Colombia.

This project was carried out alongside digital and business strategists, information architects, researchers, UX and UI designers, and developers.


After having interviewed stakeholders, some managers, and some clients and end users, we found the following:

  • Customers think of AV Villas merely as a bank to save their paychecks.
    Customer service was well-accepted in physical offices but not so well in other channels, especially the internet and phone.
    The website's language was perceived as technical and difficult to understand.
    Acquiring any financial product took many steps, and many users abandoned it easily.
    From the manager's side, it was difficult to have a broad view of the organization and how the company works.
Structure (Architecture information)

After some workshops with bank customers and managers, we started planning a suitable structure that helps the bank meet its business goals and helps customers use the website according to their habits and interests.

Wireframes & Prototypes

We opted to use high-fidelity prototypes because it was easier to work with our client on the strategy proposed.

In the prototyping phase, we carried out design explorations and followed good practices of usability and accessibility to set up the guidelines, design elements (grids, typography, colors, icons, illustrations, etc.), and the tone of voice (ux-writing) of the new proposal.


Usability testing

We recruited some bank customers and asked questions about their perception of the new portal and the clarity of the information. We then asked them to complete some tasks to see how they did it to gather quantitative and qualitative data.

These tests were a very open-eyed exercise, especially for the client, who could witness what customers said and thought. After testing and collecting feedback, we refined the proposal and delivered it to developers for implementation.

Other projects

All projects at The Cocktail had varied business requirements, which led us to choose different approaches and methodologies to satisfy our clients needs. Within these methodologies are for instance, card sorting sessions, heuristic analysis, competitor analysis, among others. 


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