I collaborated as a UX Designer for the company's Content team, responsible for importing all audiobooks and books available to Storyel's customers.


Storytel is one of the most important actors in Scandinavian countries and other countries worldwide in the audiobooks sector.  

I collaborated as UX Designer for the Content team, responsible for importing all audiobooks and books available to Storyel's customers in the app. The team created a system a couple of years ago that helped Content Managers review and import books and audiobooks from different publishers to the app. 


  • Even though Content Managers used the system practically every day, it was uncertain about users' acceptance and issues they had using the system. 
  • Understand how intuitive and logical were the options and processes of the system for Content Managers.
  • The company had started integrating a new Design System on all its products, even the internal systems.


To discover pitfalls and pain points that users faced during their daily tasks, I interviewed some representative users. These interviews were very beneficial to uncovering these hurdles and problems that our team had oversaw and discovering opportunities in the future. I also planned some assignments to measure how users complete basic but crucial tasks that they did almost every day with the system.


Some findings

Besides the interviews and data collected, I added some expert reviews, such as usability heuristics evaluations (image below), to highlight usability flaws that some peers and stakeholders sometimes oversee. This exercise was a very open-eyes exercise, especially for people who are not familiar with these evaluations. These are a few findings after the interviews and assessments:

  • Users thought that the User Interface looked clearer and better than the former.
  • The language used on some options was very techy. Section names were also confusing for some users.
  • There is a significant dependency on the Support Team. 
  • Some tasks were not exactly intuitive. Many users had memorized how to complete most of their daily tasks. When they achieve any task in one way, they usually stick to it.
  • Some options need to be understood more from the users' perspective (needs and goals).

The proposal   

After collecting qualitative data (interviews) and quantitative data (number of tasks completed successfully, polls, and surveys), we prioritize tasks for each sprint alongside the team.


To discuss anything proposed, I used some clickable prototypes that let me talk with the team and make crucial decisions about how to go forward.


On the other hand, when the company was integrating the company Design System into all its products, I was responsible for creating a repository of components for its internal Systems using the guidelines already established by the Design team.


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