2021 - 2022

Storytel is a Swedish company that offers a digital subscription to audiobooks and e-books of many genres and languages.

> Responsabilities

As a UX Designer, part of my duties were:

  • Conducting semi-structured interviews and usability testing  with Content managers
  • Gathering quantitative and qualitative data for stakeholders and team members
  • Designing functional prototypes to validate ideas
  • Creating guidelines and components for the Product Management design system
  • Assessing accessibility and usability  
> User Research & Usability Testing

I conducted semi-structured interviews and Usability testing with some Content managers. These interviews showed how users completed their daily tasks and the issues they encountered using the Ingestion system.


After the interviews, I gathered user insights and quantitative data to share with stakeholders and team members.

> Expert usability analysis

In addition to the interviews, I conducted usability heuristic evaluations (see image below) to identify usability issues to show to teammates and stakeholders. This activity was especially beneficial for those unfamiliar with these evaluations.

> Prototypes   

I used functional prototypes to validate ideas with developers and stakeholders and evaluate and test functionalities with users to collect feedback quickly.

> Design system / UI Design

As part of this project, I, along with other designers and developers, was responsible for integrating the company's design system into all administrative tools.


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