The company

Storytel is a digital subscription service that provides access to a vast collection of audiobooks and e-books for a monthly fee. It operates as a streaming platform for storytelling content, allowing users to listen to audiobooks or read e-books on various devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. Storytel offers a wide range of genres, including fiction, non-fiction, thrillers, romance, self-help, and more, catering to diverse reading preferences.


I was a member of the group that developed the internal tool used to add books and audiobooks to the app. As a UX Designer, I participated in various stages of the design and development life cycle. Some of my duties included:

  • Conducting semi-structured interviews
  • Testing features with representative users
  • Gathering data for stakeholders and team members
  • Designing interactive prototypes
  • Creating elements and components for the UI library and establishing guidelines for the company's design system
  • Reviewing accessibility and usability standards 


Here are some images of the semi-structured interviews that were conducted:


Here are some pictures of the quantitative information gathered for sharing with team members and stakeholders.


Expert usability analysis

Along with the interviews and data I gathered, I also incorporated certain professional reviews, such usability heuristics evaluations (see below image), to draw attention to usability issues that some peers and stakeholders might occasionally overlook. Particularly for those who are unfamiliar with these evaluations, this activity was highly enlightening.


The proposal   

I used several clickable prototypes to discuss any ideas put forth, allowing me to consult with the team and make important decisions regarding the best course of action.


System's design system

On the other hand, when the business was incorporating its Design System into all of its products, I was in charge of assembling a repository of parts for its internal systems in accordance with the standards already established by the Design team.


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